Frequently Asked Questions


Here are a list of questions that might help you decide if we are the right business to suit your requirements.

 01  What size of component can you manufacture?

We can turn parts up to 300mm diameter and down to about 1mm diameter and up to about 500mm long.
We have no cranes so that put an upper limit on the weight of a component. Our milling machine machines can cope with anything up to about 900mm (0.9 metres)  in length but usually components are much smaller than that unless it is plate type component. Our five axis machines have a machining envelope of about 300mm cubed.


 02  What general lead times do you offer?

We try to be flexible on lead times so it depends alot on the customer requirements and the complexity of the component. The standard lead time may vary depending our our workload. We might quote you 3-4 weeks but this doesn't mean it cant be beaten if you push us for a quicker turnaround. For example sometimes we have material in stock and can produce parts overnight for next day delivery.


 03  What batch sizes do you manufacture?

We can manufacture any batch size but the cost per unit will vary accordingly. An economical batch size for a cnc machine would generally be 100 or more.
On a slidinghead lathe an economical batch size would be more like 1000 off.

 04  What tolerances can you achieve?

Positionally on a CNC we can generally achieve 0.01mm repeatability (10 microns). For a turned diameter on our slidingheads we can generally achieve the same 10 microns and anything more accurate than this we would send to be ground.


 05  I need CNC milling only - do I order direct on Hemlock or HPC?

Its entirely up to you. If you only require turned components then its probably better if you order them on HPC Services Ltd. If you are likely to require other milled components, additional operations on components or a mixture of milled and turned components that you want stock holding then its probably best to order them on Hemlock.

 06  Can I call off my components over a period of time?

Yes but there are certain conditions that we would want to apply. These are negotiable but we would generally want order cover for any machining run we do. We dont mind holding stock so long they are taken in a reasonable

and pre agreed time period. There is usually no additional charge for entering a stock holding agreement in fact you should get even better pricing as it allows us to run a bigger batch so make sure to ask for price breaks.

 07  How do I pay for the components?

If you are an established business then we do a quick online credit check and usually we are able to give an immediate 30 day credit account up to a certain value. If the credit report is not so good then we would ask that you pay for the first lot of goods pro-forma. Credit terms can generally be be negotiated. We do not currently accept payment by credit cards. All debts should be paid by online bank transfer or by cheque.