Turning Capacity List


5 off Citizen M32
13 axis with Iemca barfeeds
1 off Citizen L20
with Low Frequency Vibration
1 off Nakamura WT100
With y axis
1 off Citizen L12
with Iemca barfeed
3 off Citizen A32
with Iemca Barfeed
2 off Nakamura WT150II
Twin Turret - Twin Spindle
1 off Nakamura WT150
Twin Turret - Twin Spindle
3 off Puma 200M
with powered side and face tools
1 off Puma 250MB
with Powered side and face tools
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Milling Capacity List

CNC Milling capacity is brought to you through our sister company Hemlock Engineering Ltd.

1 off Haas DM2
15000 rpm, 1 second toolchange
1 off Hermle C22
5 axis with 18000 rpm
2 off Hermle C12
5 axis with 20000rpm
4 off Brother S700X1
16000 rpm and with 4th Axis
3 off Brother S500X1
16000 rpm and 4th axis
10 off Haas VF2-SS
12000 rpm and with 4th axis
1 off Haas VF3
12000 rpm and 4th axis
4 off XYZ Protrak
for low volume milling
1 off XYZ Proturn
for low volume turning
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Inspection Equipment List

HPC has invested in a range of semi automatic and automatic/programmable inspection devices.
Both Contact and Non contact.

Vicivision TECHNO M609
Optical Measuring Device
height gauge
Height Gauge
Mitutoyo Crysta Apex CMM
OGP Optical Camera
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